What is Zendokai Karate?

What is Zendokai Karate?

What is Zendokai Karate?

Zendokai Karate is a type of sophisticated Multi-Martial Art based on Japanese Karate includes punching, kicking, grappling, throwing, and joint locking techniques while standing and fighting on the ground.

Despite training various techniques of physical fighting, the higher purpose of Zendokai Karate is to balance mind and body for maximize personal potentiality both inside and outside. This will finally lead to better ways of living the daily life.

Zendokai Karate Association in Japan was founded in 1999 by a great Karate Master Mr. Takashi Ozawa.
There are 110 Zendokai Karate schools all over Japan with more than 12,000 members. We conducted mane kinds of karate activities throughout the year both within the association and with others.
Zendokai members also join many professional fighting competitions such as PANCRASE, Shootboxing, ZST and Jewels.

'Zen' the heart of Zendokai Karate

'Zen' the heart of Zendokai Karate

“Zen” the heart of Zendokai Karate

“Zen” is a school of Mahayanna Buddhism. This word “Zen” means “meditation”.
The aim of Zen practice is to discover the true nature within each person through meditation and mindfulness of daily experience, which will provide new perspective and insights on existence, which finally lead to enlightenment.

In Japan, there are many traditional arts that follow Zen philosophy such as

“KADO” = Japanese traditional flower arrangement,

“SADO” = Japanese traditional tea ceremony,

and “BUDO” = Japanese traditional martial arts and the spirit of Samurai.
It is the core of Zendokai Karate.

Zendokai believes that training in mind through meditation is as important as training body through karate practice.

Objective of Training

Objective of Training

Objective of Training

To strengthen and create balance of mind and body through Karate practice

1. Body improvement:

?to exercise efficiently with understanding the nature of dynamics

?to learn self-defense mechanism by using multi-martial arts Zendokai Karate style

2. Mind improvement:

?to recognize own weakness, emotional problems, and learn how to manage them effectively

?to improve interpersonal skills and create good relationship with others

?to learn discipline and follow the rules

?to develop sportsmanship skills

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